The first round of the ICC World T20 was expected to be as dull as watching paint dry, but it turned out to be quite the contrary. We’ve already seen several tantalising competitions, and another is on the way, with a super-twelve berth on the line.

The match between Scotland and Oman is a virtual knockout match, with both teams having a chance to advance if Bangladesh fails to perform well against Papua New Guinea. Given how well Scotland and Oman have performed so far, they will want to give it their all in this forthcoming competition. The match between the two teams will take place on October 21, 2021, at the Al Amerat Cricket Ground in Muscat.


Despite the fact that Oman could not able to win against Bangladesh, they are still in a strong position in terms of qualifying. Unlike Scotland, who will qualify if they win their next match, Oman will qualify if they win this one. Their huge win over Papua New Guinea significantly improved their net run rate, which is proving to be the difference between the three teams.

The fact that Oman will be playing in familiar surroundings with home support will be a significant benefit. They also performed admirably against Bangladesh, so they cannot be dismissed. In terms of batting, we haven’t seen much of Oman’s middle-order, which may be a key in this forthcoming match.

Overall, Oman has performed admirably, and if they can improve their batting performance, which is also their weaker suit, they will be a difficult team to beat.


Scotland may have completed the most difficult job in their group by overcoming Bangladesh, the pre-tournament favourite, but they are still unsure of a place in the next round. This format and competition are very ruthless. Because they let Papua New Guinea to recover after having them reeling at 33 for 5, the three group contenders were virtually evenly matched in terms of net run rate.

Scotland had hoped to build a significant lead on net run rate before their last encounter, but failing to do so might cost them a position in the super-twelve. For them, the scenario is straightforward: win the match and advance to the next round. A defeat, on the other hand, will leave matters contingent on the net rate, as well as the outcome of the Bangladesh-Papua New Guinea encounter.

Scotland will be pleased with their performance, and aside from a few tiny flaws, they have been excellent. Kyle Coetzer hasn’t been scoring well at the top of the order in a long time, and this upcoming match will be the perfect opportunity for him to redeem himself. Also, due to Safyaan Sharif’s injury, Alasdair Evans has been added to the Scotland squad, and we anticipate them to start Evans in this next encounter.

Overall, Scotland has done enough. They may not have been as clinical as they would have liked, but they have done enough. They have a lot of experience and class in their squad, and defeating them will be a huge struggle if they can play to their full ability.

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