ICC T20 Worldcup 2022 : India’s early elimination from the T20 World Cup could reduce the value of ICC media rights.

Multiple sports experts believe that Team India’s early exit from the recently ended T20 World Cup, as well as the resulting decline in overall reach and viewership for the competition in the country, will have an impact on the value of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) next rights cycle.

Despite the fact that the international governing body claims to have a “The fact that the competition drew less Indian viewers than the 2016 edition will require Indian broadcasters to take a “hard look” at the tournament.

While the little drop can be attributed to the increased number of games and India’s exit from the competition in the Super 12 round, where they were pitted against two inferior qualifier teams, marketers spent nearly four times more this year.

Star & Disney India had pre-sold their full ad inventory on TV and digital for more than 1,200 crore, according to ET, compared to 370 crore in 2016. Advertisers spend between Rs. 9 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh every ten-second commercial on television.

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