T20 cricket, or Twenty20 cricket, is a newly-introduced variety of cricket from normal one-day matches. It is described as a short cricket match restricted to 20 overs of action, lasting roughly 80 minutes per innings, with a half-hour intermission in between. T20 cricket dates back to 2003, when it was first introduced by the England and Wales Cricket Board. Cricket analysts and fans have had varied views to the format.


The T20 format of cricket has gained popularity in virtually all cricketing nations across the world since its introduction, particularly in the Indian subcontinent, South Africa, and Australia. What distinguishes this kind of cricket from others is that it has evolved into a franchised type of sport, similar to some British football clubs, in which high-net-worth people may own cricket teams that compete in tournaments.

This has become especially popular in India, where numerous teams have been created and an annual high-octane T20 series is held with great fanfare. One of the most unique aspects of the T20 format used in India is that the individual franchises are allowed to recruit players from other nations’ cricket teams. For example, the teams have been known to bring in stars such as Michael Clarke from Australia and Chris Gayle from the West Indies, among others, on a number of times. This has not only increased cross-country cricket participation, but it has also served as a launching pad for a number of young cricketers who have made their professional debuts in this format.